Who are we?

The Alaska Seaman’s Mission is operated by the Alaska Christian Ministry to Seafarers, a non-profit {IRS 501(c)(3)} corporation. We are a non-denominational faith mission. Our primary work is with cruise ship personnel during the summer months. We also visit cargo ships, fishing vessels, and hospitalized seafarers throghout the year, as well as provide food, clothing, and shelter during the winter.

All Mission personnel are accountable to a board of Christian men who meet the requirements of elders. Our missionaries on the field are Scott and Beth Johnson. Joe and Jeannette Seale are the contacts in Anchorage.

What do we do?

Our principal objective is to share the love of Jesus Christ by introducing non-believers to the Gospel, or by teaching and encouraging those who already believe. We provide church services and Bible studies.

To meet our objective, we need to be focused upon the special needs of seafarers. These may often be of a practical nature, but whatever they are we try to be creative. The mission building is very useful. We encourage each seafarer to consider this their home away from home. Fresh coffee is always brewing at it is served with home-made cookies.

Regular visits are made to the vessels themselves, either to see crew members who are unable to come ashore, or to tell new visitors of the mission. We also offer a courtesy van service from the ship to the mission.

Do we have a ‘Mission Statement’?

The mission of the Alaska Christian Ministry to Seafarers is to establish and maintain a ministry of service to the seafarers calling on Alaska ports. This includes ministry to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs consistent with the Word of God as taught in the Bible and revealed in Jesus Christ through His life and the Holy Spirit. Our Doctrinal Statement explains where we stand on spiritual issues.

How are we funded?

We are a faith mission. We trust God to provide for our needs. Funds are not solicited, and we are not connected with any denomination. We do, however, encourage the seafarers to meet as much of the operating costs as possible but their resources are limited.

Who are the volunteers?

The Mission is blessed with many fine Christian volunteers who are prepared to give of their time to serve the men and women of the sea. Their talents are many: linguists, musicians, cooks, builders, retirees and college students, all are blessed to be involved and all are happy to serve. Most of the volunteers travel to Seward from Anchorage, Alaska.

Do many people come to the Mission?

During a summer about 7,000 cruise ship crew members visit. That’s about 80 per day. Additionally, we receive visits from cargo ship crews, fishermen, fish-processors, and others whose needs we are able to meet. More precise statistics are available.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19